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The remembrance journey

One of the most important projects and activities of the Association is participation in the organization of the "remembrance journey", a trip to the former Nazi concentration camps that Pratese section of ANED has been promoting for many decades, with the support of the Municipality of Prato, in order to raise awareness citizens and young people making them see the terrible places they have ever read on school books.

For years, in May (on the occasion of the anniversary of the release of the Mauthausen Nazi lagers and its subfields) the Prato-Ebensee twinning association and the Student Federation, cooperate with ANED and the Museum of Deportation and Resistance in Figline in order to bring hundreds of schoolchildren to visit the camps of Mauthausen, Ebensee, Gusen and Hartheim where during the last two years of Second World War (1944/45) hundreds of Italian deported politicians died, including many people of Prato.

Initiatives of this kind are a way to cultivate the commitment of memory and do not forget, and above all to bring young people to the theme through a direct experience. Boiling the kids first in the atmosphere of the former lager will help them establish a direct emotional contact with the event as well as read the historical facts in the pages of a history book. Analyzing the past, young people are also offered a tool for reading and analyzing the present: knowing the past becomes fundamental to avoid making the same serious mistakes in the future.

In recent years, thanks to the collaboration with the Prato Student Federation (FdS), high school students in the area had the opportunity to access the trip through the "Communicate Not to Forget" contest, where they were asked to make of drafts (written, audio, video, social projects) that would tell the story of deportation by adding a point of view. Some of these projects have been collected on this website.

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