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Events for thirtieth anniversary

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the signing of the Twinning Agreement between Prato and Ebensee, the Municipality of Prato in collaboration with the Association organized a series of initiatives and events, some of which took place in the first part of September on occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of Prato by the Nazi-fascists and jointly with the Prato annual Historical Parade. The second part of the events is scheduled for the end of the month, from 25th to 27th September, exactly when it marks the date of the pact twinning signature between the two cities.
These activities were funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens". Municipality of Prato and Städtepartnerschaftsverein Prato - Ebensee  were funded by the program with the project: “30 Years Prato - Ebensee: Sharing Memories for Peace” under Axis 2, Measure 2.1 "City Twinning".

Below the program of the events:


19.00 Dinner with delegation leaders
21.00 Corteo departing from Via VII March and arriving in Figline, with the participation of the delegations of all Prato twin cities


10.00 Inauguration exhibition "30 Years Prato - Ebensee: Sharing Memories for Peace" - Biblioteca Lazzerini
18.00 Opening of the exhibition "Legati da una cintola" at Palazzo Pretorio with the participation of all delegations of Prato Twin Cities
19.00 Delegation dinner
21.00 Celebration and delivery by the Tuscany Region of the “Gonfalone d’Argento” to the Municipality of Prato - Piazza del Comune

8.45 Official meeting between Prato mayor and Ebensee delegation
19.00 Welcome aperitif for delegations
20.00 Historical Parade

15.00 Arrival and accomodation
20.00 Welcome dinner

09.00 Guided tour of Textile Museum of Prato Ebensee delegation (students, teachers and authorities)
10.30 Public meeting between Prato and Ebensee schools at the Municipal Council Room (reserved for students and delegations)
15.30 Visit to the Museum of Deportation and Resistance in Figline for Ebensee delegation (students, teachers and authorities)

09.30 Public Ceremony for 30 Years of Twinning Prato - Ebensee - Palazzo comunale

11.00 "Stones of Stumbling" walk: a widespread and participated monument designed and created by German artist Gunter Demnig to remind the individual victims of Nazi and fascist deportation.
11.30 Visit “Campolmi area” and the exhibition "30 Years Prato/ Ebensee: Sharing Memories for Peace"– Biblioteca Lazzerini

13.30 Lunch – Biblioteca Lazzerini, Via Puccetti, 3
15.00 Guided tour of Museum of the Pretore Palace for Ebensee delegation (students, teachers and authorities)
20.00 Conclusion of celebrations, final greetings and dinner_Regina Pacis Church - S.Lucia, Via Aristodemo Poli, 2




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