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About us: Prato-Ebensee twinning association

The Prato-Ebensee twinning association was founded in 1997 on the initiative of the Prato Municipality and the Pratese section of ANED (National Association of Former Deportees). It is born of the need of some ex deported people, including Roberto Castellani and Dorval Vannini, to seek a human relationship with the inhabitants of Ebensee, the Austrian town where they were deported very young during the Second World War and where they hardly found death.

Since its founding, the Association has set itself the goal of promoting the memory of II World War events through meetings, debates and visits in the former concentration camps, so that the new generations are growing aware and aware of this sad period of history. It is also a way of trying to curb the neo-Nazi and xenophobic movements that, due to recent events, are taking more and more foot in Europe, where instead trampling on human rights must only be a memory of the past.

To launch this message of democracy, respect for human rights, peace and tolerance will be the young people of Prato and Ebensee, active protagonists of the various initiatives proposed by the Association. Among these is the remembrance journey, which ANED organizes each year in May in collaboration with the Museum of Deportation and Resistance in Figline, and with the contribution of the Municipality of Prato, and to which the Association intends to make an important contribution in particular to stimulate more and more young people to partecipate.

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